Structure And Functions Of Various Types Of Drug Treatment Center

A drug treatment center, commonly known as a rehabilitation center or a clinic, is a place specially designed for the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts. Through the expert care of the medical professionals and specialists employed there, these centers help addicted people to cope with their mental and physical problems and find a way of returning to a normal life. Generally they help the drug addicts through medical help and psychological therapy. In addition, these centers also provide counseling to their family and close friends so that they can understand the situation better.

There are many drug treatment centers all over the country and throughout the world that follow this concept. They treat their patients according to their physiological and psychological needs. Each and every drug treatment center has some difference in the type of programs they offer. However, the basis of all these programs is generally the same.

Drug rehab centers generally are the following types: outpatient center, residential drug treatment center or inpatient center, long-term drug treatment center, adolescent treatment center.

An outpatient center offers several important services. These include medication, individual counseling, group therapy and different types of life-skill education. They also schedule a normal life-hour around the patients and oblige them to follow a timetable. Minor or moderate degrees of addiction can be treated and cured through the programs at outpatient centers.

For severe addiction, treatment at a residential or inpatient drug treatment center is advised. Residential treatment makes it easier for the addicted person to follow treatment in a positive and healthy manner in a drug-free environment. This assists the patient to begin a new life rhythm and to get rid of their old lifestyle.

Long-term treatment centers, as the name suggests, are meant for providing long-term or life-long treatment to the patients. They are also for patients with severe or a long history of addiction. Treatment can stretch for a year or even more. Sometimes the patients may have to follow certain guidelines for a lifetime to avoid a relapse.

Adolescent treatment centers are meant for providing treatment exclusively for teenagers and pre-adults. Young people from this age group experience a lot of physical and mental changes. This is quite a precarious stage in life and they are highly susceptible to drugs at this point of time. They need special care including suitable therapy and counseling. Adolescent treatment centers serve this purpose.

All drug treatment centers have certain general functions. The primary aim is to help an addicted person overcome his or her addiction and return to a happy and normal life. These centers provide physical, mental and emotional support to a recovering addict. They administer the best de-addiction medication to help the patients quit drugs. They devise special programs like individual and group therapy, counseling, meetings and social outings. It is considered as a great opportunity for the recovering addicts to interact among themselves during different activities.

Detoxification of the body is one of the major medical functions of a drug treatment center. Detoxification or detox is the process of removing harmful substances from the body and cleansing the body of all traces of drugs. When a patient undergoes this process it is generally followed by withdrawal symptoms in them. To counter these debilitating symptoms, the patients are subjected to other aspects of the treatment in addition to medical remedies. They are provided very good nutrition and made to do light physical exercises.

The detoxification process is strictly supervised by medical professionals. Regular counseling and therapy sessions are conducted with the patients who undergo this process. The therapy and counseling can be done individually or in a group. If needed, family sessions are also conducted.

These days, most drug treatment centers also try to develop life skills of the patient like social interaction, handling pressure and coping with stress. They also assist them with issues like finance and job placement, which assures their adaptation to society. The treatment given to the patients let them live more confidently after recovery.

The success rate of the recovery programs is dependent on the willingness of the patient. No recovery program can be successful without the consent of the patient.

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California Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Programs

Drug rehabilitation programs in the state of California come in many different forms. Some drug rehab programs outsource the detoxification portion of the treatment while others provide a comprehensive treatment program within their own organizations. California rehab clinics may also specialize in treatment for a certain demographic of society, such as gays and lesbians or adolescents.

Although the delivery method may vary amongst the many California drug rehab centers, the focus for each is to help addicts learn how to successfully achieve and maintain sobriety. Programs that take a multi-faceted approach seem to be most beneficial. It is important for the program to have both medical and psychiatric treatment components in order to address the physical addiction and the underlying emotions that feed the addiction. Nutritional counseling, family counseling and help learning how to develop and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships are also key components to quality programs. Most drug treatment programs begin with detoxification in order to allow time for the drug to process through the body. Some drugs’ withdrawal symptoms are excruciating so carefully monitored medication may be administered to mitigate the severity of the symptoms.

Just as treatment programs in California take on many philosophies, they may also be delivered in a variety of ways. Free-standing residential treatment centers are facilities devoted entirely to drug and alcohol rehab. Their primary function is to provide on-site inpatient treatment but they may also provide day programs, outpatient or partial hospitalization treatment programs. On average, private insurance length of stay in these types of facilities is approximately 20 days. If the drug rehab center is federally funded, a longer stay of three to six months may be provided.

Some general hospitals have units devoted to drug addiction treatment. This type of treatment is most often used when the addiction has led to chronic or acute conditions, either medical or psychiatric, or both. Length of stay in this kind of treatment facility is normally shorter than in other types of treatment. Once the initial phase of detoxification has begun and the medical or psychiatric problems are controlled, the addict is generally referred to a free-standing treatment facility to complete the rehabilitation process. Some medical plans do not provide coverage for hospital based drug rehab programs.

Long term residential treatment programs are available for addicts who have completed a fourteen to thirty day inpatient treatment program but still need constant vigilance in order to avoid relapse. Most patients spend an average of 90 days in this type of drug rehab program.

California also offers outpatient drug addiction treatment. Outpatient treatment is not for the person who cannot maintain abstinence for up to 72 hours and those who do not have well-developed social support systems in place. Most programs of this sort are about six weeks in length and group sessions are held three to five times each week.

Other types of programs in California include partial hospital or day treatment drug rehab programs, therapeutic communities and adolescent treatment programs. Partial hospital treatment programs are a more intensive type of outpatient treatment, requiring a commitment of five days a week, four hours a day, for the length of the program. This type of program was first used as a means to transition from residential care to outpatient care. Insurance companies like them because they provide an alternative to long-term inpatient treatment. Therapeutic communities employ what is commonly known as the Mental Health approach. These are the 12-Step programs that began with AA and were modified to address other types of addictions. The focus of these programs is behavior modification and community support. They come in a variety of different forms. Adolescent drug treatment programs focus on the issues specific to teens and may employ inpatient or outpatient treatment methods.

Addiction treatment centers can be found in many California cities. San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Santa Barbara all have treatment centers as well. Los Angeles drug rehab programs, and especially Malibu drug treatment centers, are often noted for their celebrity guests. It is often advised, however, that for best results the addict should be removed from his or her home location in order to help break the bonds and the habits that enable the addiction.
The author of this article knows all about drug rehab programs. He has written many articles on Los Angeles drug rehab programs. He has wide knowledge about the Malibu drug treatment centers and the California drug rehab centers. He uses his knowledge for helping people to find the best drug rehab centers.
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An Executive Drug Rehab Program That Takes Proper Care Of Psychological Well Being Of Every Exec?

“Detoxification”! A fantastic idea, if you happen to be struggling with chronic addiction to one particular or the other toxic compounds which may possibly have turned out to be adverse for your health, pocket, household living and social existence. When you realized it, the initial issue you might look for would be to seek out for a executive drug rehab Center.

You wonder whenever you know that your body itself has this sort of an excellent mechanism to eliminate poisons from your physique and regain the particular harmed healthy internal organs of your entire body returning to pre-toxification condition. Although not, once you are significantly dependent on specific Drugs and alcohol that are effective toxins and allow you to be dependable on it. You might attempt to get rid of these kinds of habits on your own, only to learn later that, it’s a futile exercise. This is as a result of withdrawal symptoms which make you restless plus a sensation of quitting, may well really turn you into a lot more depressed and the relapse takes place.

However, in the event that you discover a detox plan under direction of experts, it can be of fantastic support enabling you to definitely lead a regular content living. Experts will allow you having a detoxification course and also a rehabilitation program. Whenever you kick the habit that’s stop taking the substances you might be addicted to, you may observe enhancement in your health gradually, but in the same time withdrawal signs or symptoms grow to be a fantastic be concerned.

This really is the time; you need professional direction, which facilitates you discuss with the withdrawal signs very carefully, surely and swiftly. An appropriate executive drug rehab involves a comprehensive research of every single person, relating to the drug to which he or she is addicted, the severity, how the drug functions about the system and a suitable medication that becomes a positive solution in getting rid of it from the system.

Expert executive drug rehabilitation routines will also assistance a appropriate and ideal diet while undergoing remedy. This assists in making up  healthy physique, tones up the safeguard mechanism to combat out the poisons inside your body and maintains you happy.

A expert executive drug rehab program also normally takes care with the mental wellness on the man or woman concerned. They present an excellent surroundings where in  you’ll be able to detox in a comfortable safe environment.

An ongoing medical guidance throughout the period of one’s stay with detoxification center, healthful, hygienic environment, and accurate therapy with proper drugs, healthful food, and personalized attention towards the complications coming out of the withdrawal signs or symptoms will allow you to appear out of the harmful situation to a happy, effective, delightful, new lifestyle.

Thus, the executive drug rehab comprising of an exceptional package can offer you excellent assistance, while you are underging the treatment and provide you with braveness, moral power, strong and healthy mind, healthy body, completely match to handle your daily cores, lead a happy and triumphant family life. These provide you with massive self-confidence and make you successful in professional lifestyle as well.

The executive drug rehab at Hawaii Island Recovery is definitely an superb spot in which you can obtain a total package deal which features the tools and therapy cure to have rid of the habit towards the dangerous drugs, within the utmost privacy, luxury and comfort.

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Drug Treatment Centers Must Suit Your Needs

There are hordes of drug treatment centers in present days. If you are looking for drug treatment center to eliminate the grave addiction from your life, then selecting the best center to seek drug treatment can become very confusing. Thus, most of you people might be thinking as how to choose the ideal one from such centers. Moreover, individuals who need immediate attention may find it hard to select the drug treatment center that suits their needs.

Therefore, here is brief information about drug treatment centers. Study it and select the one that suits you or your closed ones.

Short-Term Drug Treatment Centers: If you wish to get rid of the drug addiction within a matter of weeks, then short-term drug treatment centers are for you. The duration of such drug treatment centers, vary from three to six weeks. The drug treatment program of such centers is designed in a way that requires you to complete a 12-step plan.

Most short-term drug treatment centers scan the physical, mental, behavioral as well as emotional level of the addicted individuals. Using this basis, they design the customized drug treatment for them.

When you enroll in such drug treatment center, you are required to undergo the 12-step treatment by making up your mind that you will come out successful. You will have to participate in various meetings, sessions and exercises conducted by the drug treatment center. The information as well as the sessions offered in such drug treatment center is very informative and educative. Later on after the successful completion of the course, a follow up drug treatment is given to you, which you can seek as an outpatient facility from any drug treatment center.

Detoxification treatment: If you are recently started taking drugs or hooked to alcohol, then you need to opt for detoxification treatment. You may seek to choose the detoxification treatment offered by several medical centers or laboratories. This drug treatment programs assist you to combat the problem of addiction, which is impossible to leave it on your own. Detoxification drug treatment is carried out under the watchful eye of medical supervisor. The officials who carry out this treatment must posses a medical professional certificate. This drug treatment program may also consider the emotional side of you.

Long-Term Drug Treatment Centers: This sort of drug treatment center carries out the drug treatments that last for one year or two years. You may seek the services of such centers all year round. The drug treatment program considers the behavioral side of you. The counselors then take into account the psychological reaction of the addicted individuals and decide the further sessions.

To opt for long-term drug treatment centers you will have to stay in the facility center. The lengthy duration is a part of the drug treatment. It ensures that the individual is capable of reconstructing as well as remobilizing his or her life on a regular basis. Moreover, it helps the addicted individuals to steer away from relapse of drugs.

If you cannot make it to the drug treatment centers only because of time constraints or other responsibilities, then you may avail drug treatment as outpatient. However, it is your responsibility to attend all the sessions organized by drug treatment centers.

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Crystal Meth Addiction Symptoms and Signs

Crystal Meth is simply methamphetamine, which is very popular among drug users. This is generally crystalline in structure, whose street names are “icy” and “cristy”. This is a very addictive type of drug. Statistics have shown that 42 percent of those who have tried it for the first time feel the need to try it once again. This drug affects the body mentally and physically.

Crystal Meth addiction is an issue that has been plaguing the modern world. It is known as the intense, almost maddening urge to consistently look for a substance at a prolonged period of time. It never ceases, and the need to acquire drug becomes uncontrollable that the person may not be bothered about the physical consequences that it can bring, such as severe sickness and even death.

One sign of Crystal Meth addiction is a patient’s firm belief that he is unable to fully function when he doesn’t take drugs. In the long run, the person takes more than what his body can take and damages his physical and mental conditions. The drug then becomes very addictive, and affects the central nervous system largely. In fact, Crystal Meth triggers physiological conditions faster than any other drug can.

The use of Crystal Meth will make a person distance himself from other people. This alienation will keep him emotionally remote, and thus result to the feeling of depression resulting to manic behavior and irritability. The effects of Crystal Meth generally send out a sense of despair and depression to the user.

Drug usage takes a heavy toll on the physical conditions of the body. These will soon show up and the drug addict will become pale, lose weight, and his appearance will become dull. A user may also start to lose interest on regular hygiene such as taking a bath or combing the hair.

Crystal Meth rehab centers have professionals who can create programs for individual needs. Steps should be taken to revive an addict who has fallen prey to drugs. Since it is almost impossible for the addict himself to treat his addictions, it is the role of Crystal Meth rehabs to correct his life and completely lead him away from this problem.

Most commonly, Crystal Meth addiction treatment programs starts with detoxification. The harmful drug substances that remain inside the body should be washed off, to keep the body from accumulating future diseases. This can be done in a Crystal Meth detox center. Different medicines are used during this process, depending on the severity of the body conditions.

It is never too late to come out of a drug addiction. Detoxification is followed by an aftercare treatment for Crystal Meth dependency, which can help a person renew his life by turning back from past addictions. This is usually done in a residential setting, to completely settle the withdrawal of the patient. This process is done to be able to maintain the abstinence of the patient from drugs. It is also during this process when a person is taught of the exercises and techniques to keep away from drug cravings whenever they occur.
The author of this article knows all about Crystal Meth addiction. He has written many articles on Crystal Meth rehab centers. He has wide knowledge about the addiction. He uses his knowledge for helping people to find the best Crystal Meth detox center.
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Do not Risk Your Life-join Alcohol Rehab Center

Alcohol addiction is another serious addiction. Most people try leaving this life threatening habit, but find it difficult. Everybody knows what consequences alcohol addiction renders on the minds of families, especially young children. Therefore, if you are sunken neck deep in alcoholism, then it is the right time to seek help. You may join any alcohol rehabilitation center to get rid of this habit.

To locate the alcohol rehabs in your vicinity or city, browse the Internet. Never be afraid of asking about alcohol rehabs to your friends or relatives, as you are going to do good to yourself. Try to find the alcohol rehab center that is credible, has panels of qualified doctors, efficient staff members and so on.

Different Stages Of Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment:

Intervention stage: First phase in alcohol rehabs is the intervention stage. This stage prepares you for the alcohol rehabilitation treatment. The counselors at the alcohol rehab center see to it that you have come to join the alcohol rehabilitation program not due to peer pressure but because you want to.

After the counselors get confirmed that you have come at your own will, the authorities at the alcohol rehab center will conduct certain tests on you. These tests determine the level of alcohol present in your body, so that officials at the alcohol rehabs can determine the level of your treatment. The tests are also conducted at alcohol rehabs to check the presence of any other substance in your body or to ascertain whether you have any health related problems.

Alcohol Rehabilitation -Detoxification stage: Alcohol rehabs have different yet specialized detoxification methods. This is the stage wherein the actual alcohol rehabilitation treatment starts. In detoxification stage, the staff at the alcohol rehab center gives you different medication, diets or exercises that help to wash out or eliminate the alcohol residues from your body. During this stage, you will have to stay in the alcohol rehab center for few days.

You will be required to participate in different activities at alcohol rehab center. Such activities help your mind to divert from alcohol craving. The motive why most alcohol rehabs ask the patient to stay in their premises is that when you are away from your usual surroundings, the urge to consume alcohol is reduced highly.

When you stop consuming alcohol completely you will experience some withdrawal symptoms. However, you do not have to worry about it as authorities at the alcohol rehabilitation center give proper medication and counseling under the watchful eye of medical supervisor.

Once you overcome the withdrawal symptoms, the alcohol rehab center will stop your detoxification treatment. This stage of alcohol rehabilitation treatment may last for three days to seven weeks.

Alcohol Rehabilitation-Follow-up: Follow-up or aftercare is the last yet important phase offered by alcohol rehabs. In this stage, the alcohol rehabs will teach you different methods as well as techniques that will help you to control your urge. You may opt for residential aftercare treatment or outpatient alcohol rehabilitation.

Aftercare rehabilitation treatment offered by most alcohol rehabs includes different therapies as well as counseling sessions. Thus, if you are an alcohol addict, join the alcohol rehab center to make your life alcohol free.

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Choosing Your Alcohol Detox Center

Alcohol has been known as one of the culprits who ruined millions lives and families all over the world, and it you are one of the individuals who have come to lean on alcohol up to the point of dependency it could be high time for you to go to an alcohol detox center.

Alcohol detox centers provide its patients with alcohol detox programs to help them release the toxins that poisoned their bodies from prolonged drinking. Detoxification is the process of getting rid of the poison and addictive substances from your body and replacing it with healthy nutrients. At the same time, alcohol detox centers give you access not only to cleanse your body from alcohol but to also give you emotional and psychological cleansing.

Detoxification is needed as the first step towards treatment and recovery of an individual from alcoholism. If you want to be healed from this dreadful disease, you should submit yourself to detox and go through alcohol detox program because as long as alcohol residues remain in your body, you will continue to crave for alcohol later, even after you have successfully stopped drinking for a while.

An alcohol detox center is the best place for you to detox because you need the supervision of a health care professional in a licensed treatment facility. Attempting alcohol detox all by yourself could prove dangerous that may result in serious consequences. At worst, it may even cause your death. During detox, the alcohol dependent may experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that could range from headache to more serious ones. Some individuals may experience one or two symptoms, others may not experience any symptom at all while others may experience all.

Some of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal you may experience while undergoing alcohol detox program include sweating, insomnia, rapid pulse, tremors, nausea or vomiting, anxiety, agitation, seizures, and auditory hallucinations where you see things or hear voices that don’t exist. This is why you need to admit yourself to an alcohol detox center to have an expert to administer to your treatment.

The intensity of the withdrawal symptom depends on some factors like your alcohol usage history, the duration and the severity of your alcoholism. Each alcohol detox program is different from each other, depending on the treatment facility where you receive your treatment. The more alcohol intake you have had, and the longer you are an alcoholic, the more intensive the treatment you are going to need.

Alcohol detox centers are scattered all over the world. You can browse your local directory for a listing in your area, or you may browse the internet for a more detailed guidance in finding alcohol detox centers. Take time to study the features of the treatment centers and try to find an alcohol detox program which would suit your needs and help you recover sooner. You can compare prices, locations, services and features before you finally decide which detox center can best meet your need. As soon as you have undergone detoxification, you can then move on to the next step which is rehabilitation.
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Understanding the Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Process

If you know someone who is suffering from alcohol or drug abuse, it is time to take action. How do you approach the matter? Detoxifying the body from every remnant of alcohol and drugs is the first step in getting rid of addiction. However, this is not an easy procedure as it involves risks and dangers. For this reason, it is better to get in touch with a facility that offers proper treatments. Before you contact any such facility in Southern California, it is necessary to get a clear idea about the way the process works, its importance, and risks.

Any abrupt stoppage of alcohol and drug intake may initiate severe symptoms in the patient. Why does this happen? To understand this, you need to understand the effects of these substances on the body. These affect the activity level of the brain and depress it. Because the brain always tries to reach equilibrium, it increases the sensitivity to excitatory endogenous neourotransmitters. When a patient stops consuming alcohol or drugs, the brain sensitivity does not recede accordingly, leading to problematic situations.

The hypersensitivity of the brain gives rise to the withdrawal symptoms of the detox procedure. There are two distinct phases of the occurrence of these. The initial phase lasts for a few days only, but the symptoms are much more severe during this period. The common ones include anxiety, insomnia, hallucinations, nausea, convulsions, and even seizures and heart failure. During the later stages of detoxification, the patient faces lingering symptoms like anxiety, insomnia and cravings for months.

The detox treatment has two aspects – the physical and the psychological. Here are the details of these two.

Physical health – apart from changes in diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle, there may also be the need to use certain prescription drugs. These replicate the effects of addictive substances and help in the transition from increased sensitivity to regular one. It is essential to undergo the treatment under medical supervision. Alcohol and drug abuse makes a person susceptible to fatal consequences if he/she tries to undertake the stoppage and removal process on their own.

Mental wellbeing – in most cases, the inability to handle emotional problems leads an individual to addiction. Moreover, the distressing symptoms experienced during the detox phase are more psychical than physical. It is, therefore, necessary to get help from psychologists, counselors, and therapists. Just as your doctor takes care of the medications and lifestyle changes, your counselor takes care of your emotional wellbeing.

What is the importance of the post-treatment phase? Well, if you think that detox is the end of the treatment, you are wrong. It makes a patient sober and gives him/her clarity of vision and perception necessary to prepare for the real recovery. It is important to find out a proper Alcohol Detox Center Southern California for the treatment and post-treatment phases. A good center with adequate facilities and qualified, certified and experienced staff is imperative to get the right treatment and start on the path to recovery.

Find a good treatment facility in your vicinity immediately. The sooner the treatment starts, the better the chances of recovery.
James Blatt, a healthcare consultant, offers an overview of the way detoxification can help a patient get started on the journey of recovery from addiction. He emphasizes on the importance of choosing the right center for alcohol and

Detoxification and Drug Treatment Facilities – What is Addiction and What Happens in Rehab?

Incidences of drug addiction are increasing as social drug use becomes more prevalent each year. Although drug addiction has been a major problem for hundreds of years, more is understood about the nature of addiction today. Years ago, those caught in the vicious life of drug addiction had very few options and those options did nothing to help the nature of the problem, they simply treated the symptoms.

The truth about addiction
Addiction is a disease that is progressive and fatal if not arrested. Most drug treatment facilities and professionals now base their treatment on the fact that if an addict achieves sobriety, the first hit or shot will take them straight back to their previous existence of obsessively and compulsively seeking drugs.

This disease leaves the sufferer living a painful existence, ruled by their need for drugs. The narcotic dependency is only a symptom of a deeper problem. The drugs are not the issue but a result of the underlying problems and the need to escape from uncomfortable feelings. No matter what the consequences, an addict will still use drugs as the compulsion to consume them is so great. This is why families are broken, marriages fail, jobs are lost, houses are repossessed and health and hygiene decline rapidly as a result of drug addiction.

When a drug user’s life has become completely unmanageable, rehabilitation is incredibly beneficial at arresting the disease and beginning a process of recovery. Drug treatment facilities offer intensive in-patient programmes for addiction treatment.

Firstly, an addict needs to detox from drugs if they have formed a physical dependence on them as their bodies will enter a state of withdrawal.

Drug treatment centres always carry a policy regarding detoxification and admission to the centre. Some have a rule that the client must be detoxed before admission and must achieve a ‘clean’ result in a urine test. Others have a detoxification programme with the correct facilities to cope with this. Detoxification cannot be taken lightly: when the human body is physically addicted to a substance such as heroin or alcohol, the withdrawal can be fatal.

A detoxification usually requires the assistance of medicines to ease the discomfort and symptoms of withdrawal. Heroin addicts are often given Methadone and Subutex to relieve pain. These medicines must be given in metered doses by trained professionals who are experienced in coping with the detoxification process. Addicts struggling with withdrawal symptoms in confinement can be unpredictable and detox facilities and the staff should also be trained and experienced in easing client’s discomforts.

Types of treatment centres
12 Step treatment centres are structured in different stages aimed at clients in different stages of recovery. Primary Care rehabilitation is a four week, intense programme where patients receive therapy throughout the day for their addiction. Secondary care is the next stage of treatment which allows clients a little more freedom – some allow clients to go to work or attend university but the programme has strict requirements regarding curfews and daily therapy groups which must be attended. Tertiary care offers even more freedom than Secondary care as all clients are required to work, study, volunteer or be seeking employment. The therapy groups are less frequent and curfews are later.

Extended Primary care is another type of 12 Step treatment centre which offers the same intense programme as a Primary Care centre, only without luxuries such as housekeeping, catering and laundry services, therefore keeping costs down. This allows clients to remain in the treatment programme for much longer than the four weeks which Primary care offers. It has been found that addicts who complete at least three months as an in-patient in a rehabilitation centre have a much higher rate of maintaining sobriety.

Life in rehab
Drug treatment facilities will all have different programme schedules and services but a 12 Step treatment centre will generally offer individuals counselling as well as group therapy. Individuals counselling is important in addiction treatment as it provides a safe space where a client can speak freely with a counsellor with whom they work on a regular basis. Group therapy offers clients the chance to work on issues with the help and experience of other recovering addicts in the centre and the opportunity to confront issues arising in their present situation.

The 12 Steps are an integral tool in recovery. These steps provide a recovery programme which is used after the client has left the centre and provides a stable support system and tools for coping with everyday life. Treatment centres offering long term treatment facilities, therapy, a 12 Step programme and the endorsement of a healthy lifestyle have the highest success rates in addiction recovery. The combination of these factors for addiction treatment is incredibly beneficial in helping an addict to find their feet in the world and piece their lives back together.

Drug addiction can be arrested and managed if the addicted individual is able to abstain from using their drug of choice and undergo an internal change. The disease of addiction is an internal problem – people, places and things are not the problem – the addict is. Each sufferer will benefit from access to drug treatment facilities as rehab centres provide a safe place for detoxification and recovery.

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