Eight Good Reasons to Choose a Residential Treatment Center

One question many people ask when choosing a drug rehab program is: “Do I really have to go to one of those intense, live-in places?” The answer, of course, is that it depends. Only you can decide whether a residential treatment center is the option for you. But there are a few advantages to residential treatment centers–like Vista Taos–that you should definitely keep in mind:

“Distance” from former life

Residential treatment centers provide an important separation, both physically and psychologically, from the life that was enabling your addiction. Even the most empowering support group in the world isn’t going to help if you only meet once a week at the local high school and then return to the same daily life that has been empowering your addiction. By setting up a very controlled environment, residential treatment centers are able to free you from many of the temptations you will face if you choose to tackle your addictions from home.

Constant monitoring and supervision

This may not immediately seem like a positive thing, but in fact is one of the strongest arguments in favor of choosing a residential treatment center. Related to the above point, a healing environment where someone is right there to catch you if you fall is one that allows you to make the most progress in the least amount of time. In addition, the constant attention allows you to better track your progress and see the strides you’ve made. Momentum is a good thing.

More intimate support

By their very nature, residential treatment centers allow for a much deeper connection between a patient and her or his therapist. You can’t help but become better at communicating with your treatment team when you live in the facility. Since so much depends on the depth of your relationship with your counselor, the value of a very intensive period of live-in rehab cannot be overstated. Of course, you will still have to actively engage your support group at the rehab facility and open yourself to receiving their support, but you’ll find that much easier at a residential treatment center.

A different sort of counselor

Residential treatment centers often employ counseling and therapy staff with a different mindset and approach to treatment than the staff of other kinds of programs. This is not to say in any way that a facilitator of a once-a-week program is not as dedicated or qualified, or that she doesn’t care about the members of her group. But just as you cannot help but get to know the staff at a residential treatment center, they cannot help but get to know you. They knew when they chose this particular career path that it would require an extraordinary devotion of their time and energy, and that alone should speak volumes to the character of the therapists you will meet at a residential treatment center.

Stronger connections to fellow addicts

Residential treatment centers foster deeper emotional bonds between patient and therapist, and these deeper bonds are a large part of their success. But it’s also worth noting that a live-in rehabilitation center also promotes more meaningful connections between patients. Because so much more of your daily experiences are shared with others in treatment, friendships and mutually supportive relationships can form much more quickly. The extended period of time that patients are together also means that that particular pillar of support remains available long after patients return to their respective lives.

More time working on yourself

One of the most important differences between a live-in residential treatment center and more occasional forms of therapy is that a residential treatment center will provide more than just therapy; they will give you time. The environment at a residential treatment center is designed to free you to work exclusively on yourself. Instead of focusing energy and attention on keeping your boss happy or running out for groceries, you are able to spend it developing the mental and psychological insight to truly assess the forces at work in your life. Don’t sweat the small things; let your rehab center do that for you.

Access to more advanced/alternative therapies

Another oft-overlooked virtue of residential treatment centers is that they are often more able to offer alternative or advanced options for treatment. An ad-hoc group formed to meet every Tuesday evening at the YMCA will probably not be able to provide certified acupressure therapists or equine treatment options. But a residential treatment center such as Vista Taos very well might. Even if the center you choose doesn’t provide such services directly, it may be able to secure better deals for you if you seek alternative treatments elsewhere. And because there will typically be more than one therapist in residence, you may have better luck finding one who supports your preferred course of treatment.

Address family and relationship needs

Finally, it’s necessary to address a common myth about rehab. A good residential treatment center doesn’t need to cut you off from contact with your loved ones—far from it. Indeed, high-quality establishments like Vista Taos will often have an entire section of their main program designed to engage your family in the healing process. Not only does this help solve questions of enabling and co-dependency, it means that patients will likely return to a home environment that is much more conducive to staying clean.

Residential treatment centers aren’t for everyone, and they aren’t your only choice for addiction treatment. If your addiction is mild, or if you have a strong support structure in place at home and have your addiction largely under control, then you may not need the rigorous setting of a residential treatment center. But long-term studies have shown that residential treatment programs are effective against severe and life-threatening addictions. It may be that somewhere like Vista Taos is just the right place for you.

Vista Taos is a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Taos New Mexico. Vista Taos specializes in drug rehabs including: Alcohol Addiction, Drug Abuse, Cocain Addiction, Heroin Addiction, Prescription drugs, and more.
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Intensive Outpatient Drug rehab program

Alcohol abuse differs from alcoholism in that it does not include an extremely strong craving for alcohol, loss of control over drinking, or physical dependence. Alcohol abuse is defined as a pattern of drinking. Accepting the fact that help is needed for an alcohol problem may not be easy. But keep in mind that the sooner you get help, the better are your chances for a successful recovery.


Intensive Outpatien:


The Intensive Outpatient Mental Treatment Program (IOP) is more intensive than traditional outpatient and is designed to achieve short-term stabilization and resolution of immediate problem areas. The patient and family are offered services by a team of professionals. The patient is enrolled in a time-limited program with other patients working on similar issues. The treatment team may include licensed therapists, nurses, program specialists, and a doctor.


Orange County ‘s Leading Intensive Outpatient (IOP) drug treatment and Orange County rehab program. Outpatient programs work well for men and women with a stable home environment and a support system in place that allows them to live at home and get drug rehab treatment during the days or at night.


The outpatient program is a close-knit group of people who meet with each other daily (during the day or evenings) to receive addiction education and participate in therapeutic processes. This allows a man or woman to live at home and still get the benefit of our 25 plus years of experience treating drug addiction and alcoholism.


Some components of the IOP program include:


Ø Alcohol / Drug Screening every 72 hours

Ø Individual and Group Therapy

Ø Assessment, Treatment and Aftercare Planning

Ø Access to all Facilities and Treatment Programs


Contact Sober Living by the Sea by calling 866.323.5609 to speak with our team of addictions and legal experts about arranging the appropriate outpatient rehab treatment program for you or your loved one.


We can start the process of verifying insurance coverage and perform an “over the phone” basic assessment when you place your first call to us. If you are more comfortable, you can just discuss confidentially your situation and history of drug use (or that of your loved one).

For more information on alcohol rehab in orange county, visit our website.
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Effective Inpatient Drug Rehab & Treatment

There are a variety of inpatient drug rehab programs out there that offer many methods of treatment in one form or another. Most folks have no idea where to start or what to do. All they know is that they need help. Most of the treatment options available, about 95% or so employ the 12-step approach offered through Alcohol Anonymous (AA). Variations of AA have bled over into drug rehab programs commonly known as Narcotics Anonymous with really no change in the approach. Admitting that you’re powerless and an addict afflicted with a life long disease.

Thousands of people if not more have found sobriety with the AA method of treatment. Unfortunately, for the most part this approach has less than desirable success, and with no real changes forthcoming it doesn’t seem plausible for improvement with addiction recovery. While there are many positive things about the 12 step approach there are quite a few areas that could use an overhaul.

Inpatient drug treatment facilities using an empowering approach enable the addict to overcome any obstacle that may lie in the road to complete and total recovery. Younger addicts do not usually conform to the philosophy of once an addict always an addict, and definitely do not warm up to the idea of being treatment the remainder of one’s life.   

Studies have shown that people experiment with drugs because they cannot comprehend the intensity of the cravings that will occur when addicted. In addiction, addicts cannot imagine the terrible things they would do to satisfy their cravings for drugs. For example, when craving drugs they are twice likely to choose drugs over money. When troubles abound of this sort getting a person in this frame of mind to enter treatment in an inpatient drug rehab program is very difficult to say the least.

Drugs are toxins and when absorbed by the body burn up large amounts of nutrition, the fuel needed for normal body and brain function. Lack of nutrients in the addicts body weaken the person immune system, cause sleeplessness, anxiety and a number of other mental emotional problems that mimic psychiatric disorders.

Inpatient drug rehab or treatment programs with a strong nutritional component have much higher chance of success in complete addiction recovery. What helps to eliminate cravings for drugs or alcohol is restoring the nutritional deficiencies created by drug use and lack of proper nutrition and removing the toxins from the person body. Not handling these fundamental issues increases the chance of relapse and is why most rehabilitation programs don’t work.

Robert Otis is an addiction counselor experienced in the field of drug and alcohol addiction treatment and works to help educate people about the danger of substance abuse. He writes articles for many rehabiliation sources about inpatient drug rehab and addiction treatment programs

Holistic Drug Rehab

A Forever Recovery is a Holistic Drug Rehab.  Holistic simply means whole.  A Forever Recovery has a “whole” Holistic Drug Rehab program.

The Holistic Drug Rehab program encompasses a wide range of addiction treatment programs.  It is a unique program in that it has multiple tracks to addiction recovery.  The belief is that no one person thinks or acts the same.  Therefore, a particular program is need for the individual.  What they do offer is:


As you can see this Holistic Drug Rehab program has multiple tracks to addiction recovery. Here is a brief over of some  of the Holistic Drug Rehab programs:


Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) is a systematic treatment strategy that seeks to decrease recidivism among juvenile and adult criminal and substance abuse offenders by increasing moral reasoning. Its cognitive-behavioral approach combines elements from a variety of psychological traditions to progressively address ego, social, moral, and positive behavioral growth.


Self and Self Discovery teaches you to look and yourself to identify what makes you tick. It includes; outside recovery meetings, inside recovery meetings, lectures by recovering addicts, alcoholics and counselors and Guided meditation sessions.


stress education, self-talk, identifying and disputing irrational beliefs, and replacing irrational beliefs with rational beliefs.


One on one sessions with an appropriate counselor.


focused around the culturally relevant recovery materials and methods that have been developed by White Bison Inc. for the Native American Wellbriety movement.

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An Executive Drug Rehab Program That Takes Proper Care Of Psychological Well Being Of Every Exec?

“Detoxification”! A fantastic idea, if you happen to be struggling with chronic addiction to one particular or the other toxic compounds which may possibly have turned out to be adverse for your health, pocket, household living and social existence. When you realized it, the initial issue you might look for would be to seek out for a executive drug rehab Center.

You wonder whenever you know that your body itself has this sort of an excellent mechanism to eliminate poisons from your physique and regain the particular harmed healthy internal organs of your entire body returning to pre-toxification condition. Although not, once you are significantly dependent on specific Drugs and alcohol that are effective toxins and allow you to be dependable on it. You might attempt to get rid of these kinds of habits on your own, only to learn later that, it’s a futile exercise. This is as a result of withdrawal symptoms which make you restless plus a sensation of quitting, may well really turn you into a lot more depressed and the relapse takes place.

However, in the event that you discover a detox plan under direction of experts, it can be of fantastic support enabling you to definitely lead a regular content living. Experts will allow you having a detoxification course and also a rehabilitation program. Whenever you kick the habit that’s stop taking the substances you might be addicted to, you may observe enhancement in your health gradually, but in the same time withdrawal signs or symptoms grow to be a fantastic be concerned.

This really is the time; you need professional direction, which facilitates you discuss with the withdrawal signs very carefully, surely and swiftly. An appropriate executive drug rehab involves a comprehensive research of every single person, relating to the drug to which he or she is addicted, the severity, how the drug functions about the system and a suitable medication that becomes a positive solution in getting rid of it from the system.

Expert executive drug rehabilitation routines will also assistance a appropriate and ideal diet while undergoing remedy. This assists in making up  healthy physique, tones up the safeguard mechanism to combat out the poisons inside your body and maintains you happy.

A expert executive drug rehab program also normally takes care with the mental wellness on the man or woman concerned. They present an excellent surroundings where in  you’ll be able to detox in a comfortable safe environment.

An ongoing medical guidance throughout the period of one’s stay with detoxification center, healthful, hygienic environment, and accurate therapy with proper drugs, healthful food, and personalized attention towards the complications coming out of the withdrawal signs or symptoms will allow you to appear out of the harmful situation to a happy, effective, delightful, new lifestyle.

Thus, the executive drug rehab comprising of an exceptional package can offer you excellent assistance, while you are underging the treatment and provide you with braveness, moral power, strong and healthy mind, healthy body, completely match to handle your daily cores, lead a happy and triumphant family life. These provide you with massive self-confidence and make you successful in professional lifestyle as well.

The executive drug rehab at Hawaii Island Recovery is definitely an superb spot in which you can obtain a total package deal which features the tools and therapy cure to have rid of the habit towards the dangerous drugs, within the utmost privacy, luxury and comfort.

To find out about Hawaii Island Recovery’s superb executive drug rehab system and other associated programs, call1.866.515.5032 or use the website ‘secure on the web form.
executive drug rehab
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Narconon Northern California Drug Rehab is Known for Its Success

Brushing aside controversies regarding mushrooming money making Northern California drug rehab centers, the number of drug rehab center has faced an overwhelming growth in the recent past. The radical growth has created a churning inside the commoners, as it tends to confuse people in general. Its best to go by the result as result comes only after a rigorous test of the processes or methods, the amenities, the expertise and the accurate of application. That’s where Narconon Northern California races ahead in such a cut throat competition.


The continuous delivery of unmatched result in case of drug rehabilitation of Naroconon Northern California is authenticated by various several surveys. The independent Spanish study or American study just adds feather to the cap of Naroconon drug rehab program and brings the international recognition to the said Northern California drug rehab center. Moreover, such surveys have pointed out that its not just a jolt, even a drug victim has been proved to exhibit his resilience after 2 years after completing the program from them. In many cases, it has been found that the drug addict recovers temporarily because of the hurricane treatment provided by many Northern California drug rehab centers. Its a pride for Vista Bay that in most of the cases, it has been able to bring about permanent sobriety in the victim’s lives.


When a drug addict approaches the Narconon Northern California, they surely take appropriate action to reduce the drug intake of the addict on a fire fighting basis. The main success lies in the continuous process, which does not only remove his drug residuals, but also can install confidence, self esteem and the ability to fight challenges of the modern world to clinch an emphatic win in life. The reality is that the Northern California drug rehab treatment process has found a revolutionary change with the emergence of Norconon, which had forced many conventional procedures to bid adieu. The series of internationally recognized processes and the accurate sequence become truly triumphant in the lives of the drug addicts.


Like the passive smokers, the numbers of indirectly affected persons have been dramatically increased in the recent past. In fact, an addict affects a lot of people directly or indirectly. A prolonged drug addict has been found to bring about drastic changes in the entire family and practically one drug addict can create a complete imbalance in the life cycle of the entire family. Narconon Northern California tries to find a complete working and acceptable solution so that once he routes back, the entire family can wait to herald a new dawn.

This article is written by Angie Manson.
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Site Design:

User benefits: A no-frills site with a clean, straight-forward graphic interface, drug rehab program directory offers easy navigation to users through a number of ways. One is the navigation menu on the left side that appears on all pages and contains the major links to the inner main pages. The clickable map of U.S. States, conveniently placed above the fold, offers users the easy option to locate the rehab centers in their area. Alternatively, users can also click on the states listed at the bottom to search for rehab programs by state.

There is little that the site designers have not thought about when it comes to ease of navigation and the visitors to this site can get any data they want without having to search around for the information. The website incorporates a very helpful search tool where visitors can search for drug rehab programs by state, county or zip code. The website also features a site map for added navigation comfort.

Member benefits: The drug rehab program directory site offers members various features at their disposal at just a few clicks of the mouse. Members can use the easy-to-use navigation bar that is loaded with a comprehensive list of features.

Members can log in and access exclusive membership privileges by navigating through a simple menu bar that allows them a range of features. The website offers its members various options – view their prospects, send and receive email, create and edit their profile, add their services and affiliations, post clients’ testimonials, create web pages, announce job positions and create letter templates that can be easily customized later for individual clients. Members can also view statistics on the number of website visits and profile views.


The directory is not only user friendly but also a great place for drug rehab centers to expand their businesses. The drug rehab program directory offers two types of registrations to its members – regular and exclusive. Members are given the option of registering in the U.S. drug rehab program directory and the international drug rehab program directory.

The contents of the site are thoughtfully created and well organized. A reading/career section offers useful links to resources on drug rehab programs, featured articles on drug rehabilitation and drug rehab programs, job openings in rehab facilities, case studies of the members of the directory and latest news on drug rehab programs. The site also offers a shop for books and other items related to drug rehab programs. Users can highly benefit from the informative articles posted on the website by the members. The site also makes it easy for users to get in touch with drug rehab programs in their area by filling out a very short online form.

In all, this site offers complete and comprehensive listing of drug rehabilitation programs and information and an effective business platform for rehab service providers.
Shailesh Garg,
Vinnovate Inc Company,
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Drug Rehab Center in Florida Addresses Treatment Myths

Drug rehab centers in Florida can provide leading, and effective care to those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Despite the hardships, health issues and drama that come with addiction and substance abuse, only a small percentage of those who need it, will seek the help of a drug rehab center. Florida is one of the leading destinations for rehab because of the setting, and the effectiveness of programs offered. For many, the only thing holding them back from seeking help are misconceptions about drug rehab centers. Dispelling these myths and educating people on the true benefits offered by drug rehab centers in Florida can save and change many lives. In addition to helping people make the move to get help, dispelling some of the myths about drug rehab centers in Florida can help those thinking about it to be more prepared for the process and have the best chance at success.

Drug Rehab Center Florida: Myth #1

You must hit rock bottom to have success in a drug rehab program.

Many believe that if they have not yet reached the lowest place they can be with addiction that they can’t seek help or that if they do, it wouldn’t be useful. Like many diseases, addiction is easier to treat, the earlier it is caught. An addict can avoid many of the consequences and negative health effects of substance abuse if they get help early.

Drug Rehab Center Florida: Myth #2

You have to be religious to go to a drug rehab program.

Some programs for drug and alcohol rehabilitation may be based on a particular religion or a more broad belief in a higher power, but there are also programs that do not involve this side at all. Rehab treatment focuses on the disease of addiction and often involves medical treatment as well as counseling that is based on psychology as opposed to religion. If you are looking for a secular or non 12-step program, there are some available through drug rehab centers in Florida. Many treatment programs will offer religious tracks, 12 step tracks, and secular based programs. There is truly a drug rehab program out there for everyone.

Drug Rehab Center Florida: Myth #3

All drug rehab programs are the same.

This could not be farther from the truth. Some addiction treatment centers strictly focus on drug and alcohol addiction, while others also offer programs for clients suffering from dual diagnosis (a co-occurring addiction and mental health problem). In addition, certain drug rehab programs have specialty tracks for trauma, eating disorders, and those seeking a religious focused program. Some of the best drug rehab centers in Florida will offer many programs in one location so that clients can choose the best treatment option for their individual needs. Lastly, not all drug rehab programs have the same licensures and accreditations. It is important to look for these licenses and certifications when choosing a program, with Joint Commission accreditation being the highest accolade. This can help you see the difference between an average treatment program and an exemplary rehab.

Destination Hope is a Joint Commission accredited drug rehab center in Florida that understands the weight of the decision to get help for an addiction. They offer individualized programs in a small setting where the therapist to client ratio is one therapist for every three patients. Clients at Destination Hope receive incredible individualized attention and never have to worry about getting lost like they might at a large treatment center. We help people with all types of addictions, mental health issues, and backgrounds. Anyone who has questions or doubts about seeking help should get all of their questions answered by a counselor at our drug rehab center, who knows the ins and outs of addiction and addiction treatment. Call us today at 877-380-9777. Seeking help and answers can be the first step to a better life.

Ben Brafman, LMHC, CAP is the President and CEO of Destination Hope, a licensed dual diagnosis substance abuse treatment center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Ben has more than 20 years of experience in the addiction and mental health fields, which led him to develop a combination of innovative treatment protocols at Destination Hope. He has been published on various topics including dual diagnosis and chemical dependency, and gives back to the community by educating other addiction counselors at his Academy for Addiction Professionals.
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Cocaine Addiction – Easy Factors To Stop

Okay, someone you love and care about has a Cocaine Addiction Problem.  Now what?

At this point numerous thoughts will go through your mind.  Most individuals really adhere to a common series of thoughts, believe it or not.  The initial believed is denial.  The addict really goes through this several times as well. 

When the actions of your Cocaine Addict make this not possible to think about additional, the next believed is the fact that there is only a minor problem, not a drug addiction.  This is where the vast majority of Cocaine Addicts fall short to get the help they truly require.  It is the intense exception that someone is really a accurate casual cocaine consumer.  You will find no casual crack users as this really is clearly the most addictive drug known to man.  So the solution is clearly a cocaine addiction program.  But how to you select the correct 1?

Ultimately, you want your loved 1 back. You would like that individual free from drug addiction. You would like that individual to reside a wholesome and productive life.  The solution is the correct drug rehab program.  But how do you discover that 1?  The solution is really a lot simpler than most individuals think. 

The vast majority of individuals do appear into numerous drug rehab applications prior to generating a choice.  However, no 1 truly knows the correct concerns to ask.  In fact, because most individuals truly don’t have any comprehension of efficient drug rehabilitation, they really remove the correct program very early in their search.  This is unfortunate simply because all that time and money invested then becomes a waste. 

You will find only 3 issues you need to address for any drug rehabilitation program to make sure your loved 1 is getting the best and you’re getting not just your money’s really worth, but your loved 1 off medicines for good.

#1.  What is the Program Good results Rate?

This is clearly the most obvious question to ask.  What few individuals know is the fact that the very best applications have a much better than 75 success charge and try to persuade you that this really is by some means the best that may be carried out.  Obviously, these applications really are a waste of time and ought to be avoided.  All you need to know is to look for the program having a 75percent success charge or much better.

#2.  What is the Drug Detoxification Method?

Any Drug Rehab Program that you would select simply must have some type of drug detoxification technique.  This is an absolute requirement if there is to become any severe opportunity that the addict will truly get off medicines for good.  The single greatest cause of relapse was drug residuals remaining within the physique.  This is why a drug detox program is required.

All drug detox techniques are not the exact same.  There are many detox techniques which are very expensive, but no much better for the addict.  You will find several hospital monitored detox techniques which are not just very expensive but may also place your loved 1 into a coma-like state for each day or much more.  You would like a easy, threat free drug detox program and the best of this really is the time-tested sauna primarily based detox technique.  This is not only the lowest cost technique, but provides almost zero threat towards the addict.  The drug rehab program that uses this method is much more concerned about getting your loved 1 off medicines permanently than attempting to make a profit from you.

#3.  What Assure do you offer together with your Program?

Only the best applications will offer a rehabilitation result assure.  Most individuals have never heard of this simply because so few applications really offer it.  You know that a program which will offer not just a medically safe drug detox, but extensive life skills training plus a long phrase follow-up program truly cares about addicts.  But a program that provides all this along with a assure where the relapsing addict is re-treated at no additional cost truly has the best interests of your loved 1 in mind.  This is really a program that’s much more concerned about the full rehabilitation of your family member back in to the family and society than generating earnings.

If you simply make use of the above three concerns inside your rehabilitation program search, you will discover the correct program for your loved 1, simply, effortlessly and quickly.
Discover the best Drug Rehab Centre and other rehab center resources and information at http://www.drugrehabcentre.org.
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Benefits of Right Addiction Rehab

Alcoholism is affecting numerous people across the world at an ever increasing rate. A successful alcohol treatment is one that considers the origin of the drinking problem and the factors that support drinking behavior. An effective addiction rehab involves family centered programs, individual and group counseling, drying out period and post treatment support. It becomes really difficult to choose the right alcohol detox center that provides with proper advice for alcoholics. The treatment provided to the patient differs in accordance with the intricacies of the case accompanied with the nature and character of the alcoholics. Alcohol detox clinic provides the patient with treatment that may range from 60 to 90 days or more depending on the criticality of the case.

An alcohol detox clinic helps in the treatment and recovery of the patient from alcoholic dependency if the patient is willing to follow the plan with honesty. The alcohol detox center aims at providing an addiction free life to the patient. The short term addiction rehab treatment focuses on the most basic aspect of alcoholic and other drug rehab program such as detox, life skills building, abstinence from drug abuse and recovery tools. On the other hand long term addiction rehab treatment focuses on the same programs but is more comprehensive and rigorous in recovery. The alcohol detox centers also help the patient by providing him with 24*7 support and a distinct routine plan everyday that ensures that the patient is not distracted by the stress and is involved in some or the other activity throughout the day.

The professionals at the right addiction rehab would provide the best advice for alcoholics on the basis of their present condition and according to their requirements. While choosing the right addiction rehab you should discuss the programs that are offered by various addiction rehab centers with your family and friends. You can also surf the Internet to get a detailed list of the different programs that are offered by distinct addiction rehab.

The doctors advice that alcohol detox should be carried out in comfortable surroundings and peaceful atmosphere. This helps the patient to overcome the restless dry out period and ensures better recovery for the patient. For free expert advice on the full range of UK private alcohol rehab centers and the treatments offered by them visit www.dryoutnow.com

Triage Healthcare was formed by Dr Bruce Trathen, Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist, and David Goodlad FRSPH, Senior Addictions Therapist, with the aim of improving the standard of and accessibility to drug and alcohol treatment UK.
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