Eight Good Reasons to Choose a Residential Treatment Center

One question many people ask when choosing a drug rehab program is: “Do I really have to go to one of those intense, live-in places?” The answer, of course, is that it depends. Only you can decide whether a residential treatment center is the option for you. But there are a few advantages to residential treatment centers–like Vista Taos–that you should definitely keep in mind:

“Distance” from former life

Residential treatment centers provide an important separation, both physically and psychologically, from the life that was enabling your addiction. Even the most empowering support group in the world isn’t going to help if you only meet once a week at the local high school and then return to the same daily life that has been empowering your addiction. By setting up a very controlled environment, residential treatment centers are able to free you from many of the temptations you will face if you choose to tackle your addictions from home.

Constant monitoring and supervision

This may not immediately seem like a positive thing, but in fact is one of the strongest arguments in favor of choosing a residential treatment center. Related to the above point, a healing environment where someone is right there to catch you if you fall is one that allows you to make the most progress in the least amount of time. In addition, the constant attention allows you to better track your progress and see the strides you’ve made. Momentum is a good thing.

More intimate support

By their very nature, residential treatment centers allow for a much deeper connection between a patient and her or his therapist. You can’t help but become better at communicating with your treatment team when you live in the facility. Since so much depends on the depth of your relationship with your counselor, the value of a very intensive period of live-in rehab cannot be overstated. Of course, you will still have to actively engage your support group at the rehab facility and open yourself to receiving their support, but you’ll find that much easier at a residential treatment center.

A different sort of counselor

Residential treatment centers often employ counseling and therapy staff with a different mindset and approach to treatment than the staff of other kinds of programs. This is not to say in any way that a facilitator of a once-a-week program is not as dedicated or qualified, or that she doesn’t care about the members of her group. But just as you cannot help but get to know the staff at a residential treatment center, they cannot help but get to know you. They knew when they chose this particular career path that it would require an extraordinary devotion of their time and energy, and that alone should speak volumes to the character of the therapists you will meet at a residential treatment center.

Stronger connections to fellow addicts

Residential treatment centers foster deeper emotional bonds between patient and therapist, and these deeper bonds are a large part of their success. But it’s also worth noting that a live-in rehabilitation center also promotes more meaningful connections between patients. Because so much more of your daily experiences are shared with others in treatment, friendships and mutually supportive relationships can form much more quickly. The extended period of time that patients are together also means that that particular pillar of support remains available long after patients return to their respective lives.

More time working on yourself

One of the most important differences between a live-in residential treatment center and more occasional forms of therapy is that a residential treatment center will provide more than just therapy; they will give you time. The environment at a residential treatment center is designed to free you to work exclusively on yourself. Instead of focusing energy and attention on keeping your boss happy or running out for groceries, you are able to spend it developing the mental and psychological insight to truly assess the forces at work in your life. Don’t sweat the small things; let your rehab center do that for you.

Access to more advanced/alternative therapies

Another oft-overlooked virtue of residential treatment centers is that they are often more able to offer alternative or advanced options for treatment. An ad-hoc group formed to meet every Tuesday evening at the YMCA will probably not be able to provide certified acupressure therapists or equine treatment options. But a residential treatment center such as Vista Taos very well might. Even if the center you choose doesn’t provide such services directly, it may be able to secure better deals for you if you seek alternative treatments elsewhere. And because there will typically be more than one therapist in residence, you may have better luck finding one who supports your preferred course of treatment.

Address family and relationship needs

Finally, it’s necessary to address a common myth about rehab. A good residential treatment center doesn’t need to cut you off from contact with your loved ones—far from it. Indeed, high-quality establishments like Vista Taos will often have an entire section of their main program designed to engage your family in the healing process. Not only does this help solve questions of enabling and co-dependency, it means that patients will likely return to a home environment that is much more conducive to staying clean.

Residential treatment centers aren’t for everyone, and they aren’t your only choice for addiction treatment. If your addiction is mild, or if you have a strong support structure in place at home and have your addiction largely under control, then you may not need the rigorous setting of a residential treatment center. But long-term studies have shown that residential treatment programs are effective against severe and life-threatening addictions. It may be that somewhere like Vista Taos is just the right place for you.

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Addiction treatment center a boon to the society

The best means to find the proper cure for the addiction patients is the addiction treatment centers. In fact the point is that the addiction treatment centers offer the best treatment for the addiction patients but in the same way it is also important to note that not all addiction treatment centers offers the proper treatment of all addiction cases. Therefore it is essential to make the choice of the treatment center very carefully. The problem of drug addiction these days has increased to such an extent these days that it is quite hard to control it. Besides that there are also several other factors to be considered to get the proper and complete cure for the patients suffering from addiction problem.

While choosing a drug rehab center there are certain thing worth mention and these factors should be well taken care of in order to get the best possible treatment. Among these factors the first thing that should be considered is the treatment programs offered by the rehab center. In fact it is always better to choose a residential treatment center for the reason that at the residential treatment center the patients can stay under expert supervision. It should be kept in mind that the initial stage of drug detox is always painful. This is the stage when the patients have to suffer the most and therefore there is the need of proper and well trained stuffs who can handle the situation and the availability of the doctors is also important in case of any emergency. Therefore in such a situation the residential treatment centers are the best choice one can have.

Other than that as stated earlier the treatment programs offered by the rehab center is also a very crucial factor to consider. The point is that on the rehab programs offered by the treatment centers depends the complete cure for the addiction patients. Besides that the drug abuse centers should also provide psychotherapeutic treatment to the patients for the complete detox of the addiction problems. This is an essential factor for the reason that the problem of addiction to any drugs is not just a problem causing damage to the physical health of the person but also leaves its effects in the psychology and the mental state of the person too. Thus when the treatment program is completed with proper physical detox and psychotherapeutic treatment it can be hoped that the person can get out of his addiction problem completely.

Therefore while choosing a drug rehab center it essential thing to note whether the treatment center offers these treatment programs for their patients. And of course the success rate of the treatment center is also an important thing to consider. In fact there are certain rehab centers that offers treatment based on the individual case study. This is very good thing on the part of the drug rehab. The reason is that each and every person has his own reasons behind his addiction problem and therefore it is much better a treatment when the reasons for his addiction are taken care of.

The alcohol abuse treatment centers are the only place, where an alcohol addict can find the best way to cure.
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