Successful Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Programmes

Addiction treatment is an intensive process and there are no overnight cures for addiction. The right course of treatment is necessary, and with the assistance of experienced counsellors, it is possible to treat addiction successfully, with positive long-term benefits through successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programmes.

A holistic approach to addiction treatment and rehabilitation has proven highly effective in not only improving addiction recovery rates but also in preventing relapse. This approach, combined with a 12 step recovery programme, is considered to be a remarkably successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programme.

Successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programmes treat the root of the addiction, and not just the symptoms.

The root of addiction

All successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programmes begin with an understanding of the nature of addiction in order to employ the best treatments available.

Addictive behaviour indicates severe emotional difficulties that need to be dealt with in order to overcome addiction which is why a successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programme is not simply about stopping drug use.

As a first step towards treatment cessation is important, but this does not in itself heal an addict’s underlying emotional problems. The success of the holistic treatment model is based on healing the body, mind and spirit of the addict.

Successful treatment deals with deep-seated issues, offering multi-faceted drug addiction therapy that treats the root of the problem, rather than just the symptoms.

The 12 step treatment programme

The highly successful 12 step recovery programme is based on spirituality, not religion, and includes 12 step meetings, written work, lectures and workshops. The programme assists addicts in altering the aspects of their lives that they have the power to control and to come to terms with the compulsions that they cannot control, one day at a time.

Members are encouraged to admit to and take accountability for any wrong-doings or harm caused to others as a result of their addictions. The programme teaches addicts to manage their daily lives in a healthy and productive manner. It encourages members to stay connected with recovering addicts for support, in the pursuit of abstinence and recovery.

12 step recovery programmes are endorsed by well-known addiction treatment centres and form a core component in successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programmes.

Group therapy and one-to-one counselling

Support group therapy provides an interactive platform for sharing experiences, and members can relate to the apprehensions and challenges of fellow addicts so as not to feel alone and isolated in their struggle for recovery.

Intensive one-to-one counselling assists addicts in the emotional phases of the holistic addiction treatment process. Focused individual therapy provides a safe and confidential setting, where addicts can divulge their problems and deal with their troubled pasts and core issues

Taking a holistic approach to addiction, incorporating a 12 step philosophy and engaging in one-to-one and group therapy sessions with trained addiction councillors are all key components of successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programmes.
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Insomnia And Effect On Mind – Best Cures and Remedies For Insomnia

Insomnia And Effect On Mind

With increased awareness in the media and health food circles, alternative approaches to healing are growing, which includes alternative insomnia medicine. One such therapy for insomnia is the use of valerian root. Valerian root is an herb which has been used extensively throughout the ages as a calming and relaxing herb. It is often referred to as “nature’s Valium” for its sedative qualities. Another alternative insomnia medicine is melatonin.

Melatonin also helps to induce sleep. Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia The world of homeopathic treatment offers many alternative solutions for a full gamut of diseases, ailments, and sicknesses, including insomnia. Aconitum apellus is a remedy specified for someone who has panic attacks associated with insomnia. This homeopathic remedy for insomnia helps to calm and soothe the fears that occur shortly before falling asleep. Ignatia is another homeopathic remedy which is supposed to help a person struggling with insomnia because of an emotional struggle such as grieving the loss of a loved one.

Calcarea Phosphorica lessens the joint pains in adults and growing pains in children. Various supplements of calcium and magnesium also help to calm the nervous system and are recommended to take at bedtime to help sleep to come. Herbal Treatment for Insomnia – It Can Be Treated Naturally There are plenty of the over-the-counter medicines that can successfully treat this disease. Nonetheless, a good majority of people still prefer to go for the herbal treatment for insomnia because they feel it has fewer side effects. Some of the common (read traditional) herbal treatments for insomnia will include remedies with plants such as passion flower, valerian root, Californian poppy seeds, dog wood, and so on. Insomnia And Effect On Mind

Home Remedies for Insomnia Self help is the best help. You could be your own doctor whereby you may get relief much faster.

Home Insomnia Cure No. 1 – When you find that you cannot sleep, the first step should be to try and relax. You will never be able to do this on the bed, because your inability to fall asleep will irritate you further and aggravate your condition.

Hence, if you stayed more than 30 minutes in bed and you find that sleep evades you, get up from the bed and do something that relaxes you. Have a hot cup of chamomile tea, read a favorite bestseller, have a hot mug of milk and generally try to relax. You will find that in no time, you will feel sleepy.

Home Insomnia Cures No. 2 – Reading has always been a great relaxing technique. However, not all type of reading will be helpful to you. Avoid any such topics that would excite you further, such as ghost stories, sexual fantasy stories, or puzzles. The best would be to read something that is pleasant yet simple – such as a magazine, newspaper, comic books, or a favorite bestseller.

Home Insomnia Cures No 3 – immerse yourself in hot water and a long drawn bath. You could use aromatic oils before or after the bath, and or aromatic candles to create a relaxing and pleasing atmosphere all around you.

Home insomnia cures No 4 – listening to music might help as well. This could work best while or after taking the hot water bath, though it is okay when used singly also. As is the case of the books, you should choose music that is soothing and soft so it can relax you and induce sleep. Behavioral Therapy Self-hypnosis and auto-suggestion methods work pretty well. You will need to master the art of self-hypnosis from a professional.

You will also find certain specific exercises (such as yoga) that promote sleep in the long run – if you prefer to have only natural means to treat this disease. This type of treatment is also called behavioral therapy and it is normally applied singly or in combination with other types of treatments, depending on the response of the person to the medicines, sleep therapies and so on. Often all it needs to cure insomnia is a simple change of life-style habits and a few stringent and serious measures which influence sleep:

1. Avoid any caffeine in any form at least four hours before sleep; preferably you should eliminate it totally from your diet.

2. Avoid alcohol intake of any kind.

3. Avoid having your meals too late at night (allow at least four hours between the last meal and your bed time). Natural Sleeping Remedies One of the most common insomnia solutions is drinking milk before you go to bed. Drinking a warm glass of milk has been proven to be effective insomnia solution throughout the years. Another very practical insomnia solution is exercise.

Simple physical exercises performed a few hours before going to sleep can be a good insomnia solution. Yoga exercise is very calming that even if you had a very busy day, all your stress will be gone when you do yoga exercises. Sleeping at regular hours can cure insomnia. Do your body a favour. Have a good sleep tonight! Download your Insomnia And Effect On Mind eBook now!

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